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About Me...

Experienced Gundog & Pet Dog Trainer based in Buckinghamshire

Hi! I’m Jennifer  - here's some history about me.  

I’ve always had a huge passion for animals and was lucky enough to be brought up with dogs and horses from a very young age. During my late teens I spent a couple of years as a working pupil with Gill Watson where I competed Arthur my 16.3 Irish thoroughbred gelding at a number of one day events around the UK.

I’ve done quite a lot of dog training over the past 10 years, but last year decided to become a professional dog trainer by getting some qualifications. Approximately 6 years ago I started to research into dog training and knew that the only method that would work for me was through ‘positive reinforcement’ and that’s when I found the IMDT (Institute of Modern Trainers). I attended a two-day course back then and then most recently a five-day course in September 2019 to then go on and do my assessment in October 2019. This was the hardest thing I have done in my life, but I passed and an now an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer together with an accredited certification from The Open College Network Level III Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, am a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and have attended a IMDT Canine Body Language course, an online Separation Anxiety and Related Disorders course and a Canine Aggression and Rehab course. As an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers I am now also now able to use 'The UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter' logo.

I’m also chairman and retriever working test secretary for The Chiltern Gundog Society with nearly 1,000 members owning both retrievers and spaniels. We put on training every month from March to September which I help run and train and organise a number of working tests and field trials for both spaniels and retrievers. This is a voluntary role which is hard work, but enjoyable as I have the most amazing committee who are extremely supportive and brilliant.

From March 2020 I've been actively promoting my Website, training methods and exercises on Facebook, now with over 2,000 followers. As a result, I now have global gundog clients from around the world whether in groups or 1-2-1's including behavioural issues, pet dog and Gundog training.

I will continue to increase my learning and knowledge of dogs, their training methods and behaviour moving forward and I look forward to working with you all and meeting your beloved dogs.

With best wishes

Jennifer Thomas

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To keep up to date with my training and what I get up to, you can follow my Facebook page 

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